Martex was founded in 1980 thanks to founder Giovanni Piacentini’s collaboration with two other partners.

The business was initially characterised by an assistance service for companies in the textile sector and the sale of spare parts for knitting machines. The founders’ high level of professionalism and their know-how made it possible to develop products that are still the core business of Martex today: the Creel, initially positioned in a “castle” layout for interlocking with textile machines.

In the years that followed, solutions with even higher performance were devised thanks to Martex research and development, with the creation of circular structures and, after that, modular systems.

Martex grew into a Limited Liability Company in 1997 thanks to Giovanni Piacentini’s great passion for work, interlocking mechanics and knitting machines.

The Piacentini family took full control of the Company and, through the values and determination transmitted by Giovanni, which are still the cornerstones of Martex S.r.l. to this day, the company in time became the World Leader in the construction of Creels for Knitting Machines.

Martex Italian Creel Designer.



The Martex production unit is located in Castel Mella, with a surface area of more than 5000 m2 in the Province of Brescia, the centre for Italian knitting machine manufacturers and the beating heart of Northern Italy for production and manufacturing.

Brescia is strategically positioned thanks to its vicinity to the main international ports of shipment, and has easy links to the main communication channels and transport networks.



Martex tradition is characterised by the production of items built with a high standard of quality; the company strictly uses first-choice materials that ensure excellent performance in terms of strength, functionality, flexibility and reliability over time.

Our highly-skilled Research and Development staff continually communicates with users of our products to obtain operational feedback, constantly improving product performance and characteristics as a result.

Design Engineers and Collaborators who have joined the Martex Team have made it possible to develop increasingly “Tailor Made” solutions based on developments in the textile market, from new textile technologies to innovative production processes.